Sri Mukesh didn’t have the best start in life.

Having lost his father when he was very young, he was initially cared for by his impoverished uncle. But financial hardship meant this wasn’t sustainable, so Mukesh was eventually admitted to the Jhadol Balgriha (residential children’s home) near Udaipur, India in July 2014.

The Balgriha provides Mukesh’s basic needs, putting a roof over his head and keeping him fed and clothed, but it also allows him the education that we can so easily take for granted. The Karma Foundation is now sponsoring this education, giving Mukesh a much-needed springboard to the academic attainment he strives for. Achieving a total of 96% in his final exam of 2018-2019, he’s clearly flourishing at the Balgriha:

“I am very happy with all the facilities and close attention that I am getting here at the hostel. Now my only aim of life is, I must become a real human and my focus is to prepare my career joining a good government job after getting a higher education.”