meet our partners

Meet Our Partner

As with any great mission, there's strength in numbers. We're fortunate enough to parner with people who share our values and see the value in our vision.

Join the culture of giving

With the generous support of our partners, GoDaddy and Pegasus, we're able to match our hotels' $0.50 donation per booking to achieve a minimum $1 donation per booking for our causes. Our work with not-for-profit parners ensure the money you and our hotels donate goes directly to good causes, benefitting those who need it most.


GoDaddy empowers millions of 'everyday entrepreneurs', sharing our human values by championing samll business ia a world dominated by big corporatins.

Karma Foundation

Karma Foundation International is a London-based collective with a mission to break the cycle of extreme poverty in marginalised communities by fundng the education of vulnerable or orphaned children.

UN Women

UN Women is the United Nations agency dedicated to gender equality worldwide, working to empower women and girls where their needs are greatest.