10 things you should know before your first time in Mauritius

Maybe you’ve booked your ticket to Mauritius, or perhaps you’re thinking about it. Either way we’ve put together some of the essential things you need to know before you visit the stunning island.

1. Do you need a Visa?

Most countries do not need a visa to Mauritius. For example, Britain, Australia, South America, America, India, Canada and Europe. However, with rules and regulations forever changing, please check the government portal to find out.

2. What should you take with you?

We’ve put together some packing essentials for your holiday to Mauritius.


This will come as no surprise but it is incredibly hot in Mauritius, so make sure you don’t get caught out and bring sunscreen with you!

Plug adapter

The majority of the plug sockets in Mauritius are the same as the ones used in Britain, you may also find some hotels that have the European socket.

Mosquito repellent

Bring the best mosquito repellent you can find, as you don’t want these little biters ruining your trip.

3. Where is Mauritius?

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean and is technically considered as part of Africa. It actually consists of a massive 16 islands and islets, but the main island is the most populated.

4. What is the language spoken in Mauritius?

Whilst there is not an official language, the majority of the people speak French and English.

5. What is the currency and do I need to tip in Mauritius?

The currency in Mauritius is rupee (MUR) and you’ll find most establishments take card payments anyway. It is not expected to tip, however 10-15% is sometimes included in the bill. And most bars and restaurants will have a tipping jar that you can throw some change into.

6. What’s the weather like in Mauritius?

As you can imagine the weather in Mauritius is tropical, so there is a rainy and a dry season. The rainy season is between December and February. And the dry season is between June and August.

7. What’s the food and drink like in Mauritius

There are so many nationalities and ethnicities in Mauritius that their cuisine is a fusion delight. With a mix of Indian and European flavours as well as local delicacies such as coconut, mango, seafood, pineapples, vanilla, sugarcane and so much more.

When it comes to drinking in Mauritius, not only will you get amazing fresh juices, but they go well with rum in a cocktail too. If you like wine, you’ll find more fruity wines than the dryer ones from Europe.

8. What are popular things to do in Mauritius?

If you want a day off sunbathing on the gorgeous beaches here are a few things that you could get into whilst you’re there:

  • Visit a world heritage site, Le Morne mountain is beautiful.
  • Go golfing! There are 10, 18-hole courses on the island.
  • Visit the south of Mauritius – it’s a little less explored but you’ll find stunning waterfalls, a volcano crater, Severn Coloured Earth, The Black River Gorges.
  • Visit the north of Mauritius – It is a litter calmer with soft seas and more popular towns to visit.

There is so much to explore in the island of Mauritius, but one thing is certain you’ll need a comfy luxurious space to rest your head after all that exploring. So, make sure you pick a Signature hotel to make your stay perfect.  

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