4 reasons why Florence should be on your travel bucket list

For so many, a holiday to Italy is near the top of their travel bucket lists. The welcoming people, the culture, the impressive architecture, the fashion, the history on every corner and of course the food! And one of the best places in Italy to visit has to be Florence! It’s a firm favourite, which has visitors flocking to it every year. It’s small for a city but offers so much!

So, if visiting Florence isn’t on your travel bucket list yet, let’s see if we can convince you!

1. To explore the history of Florence

The best thing about staying in Florence has to be the history that is prevalent everywhere you turn. Of course, the city is known for the Florence Renaissance period and you’ll be able to explore this history and even heading back to the Middle Ages at one of the many museums, explore paintings, sculptures and frescoes. However, just wandering around the central piazza’s and the buildings is like being in a museum itself.

 2. To soak up the art, architecture and culture of Florence

The architecture of Florence is something that has to be seen to be believed. In fact, the entire city centre is a Unesco World Heritage Site – which should tell you everything you need to know. Due to how compact the city is, you really don’t have to walk far to experience a masterpiece construction. The city has barely changed since its renaissance days and still retains its cobbled streets, medieval chapels, sleek 15th and 16th century palaces and marble basilicas. The art museums alone, draw a huge crowd with sculptures and paintings by the famous Botticelli and Michelangelo.

3. For the boutique shopping in Florence

If there is something Italian’s are famed for – it would have to be fashion! With the likes of Guccio Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo setting up their boutiques in Florence in the 1920s, it has always been the hub of fashion. And it’s not just high-end fashion you’ll find here, there are beautiful boutiques and streets lined with markets where people can pick up all manner of artisan gifts, jewellery, scarfs and things to decorate the home. The city is a shopaholics dream.

4. The best food in Florence and of course…wine!

Even if you’ve never been to Italy, you’ve definitely heard about their cuisine. It is world-famous for being hearty and delicious. Due to Florence’s location they are famous for their local ingredients such as tomatoes, rosemary, porcini mushrooms, truffle mushrooms, olives, aubergine and basil. Other staples include the variety of amazing cheese, bread and meat. Visitors will have no problem sitting at any of the city’s trattoria’s and tucking into some Tuscan dishes. As well as sampling some of the amazing wine. The city is surrounded by wineries in the hills – so a good food pairing is standard.

So, have we convinced you yet? Book your Florence stay today and remember to pick a Signature hotel as your base, so you can sink into some luxury after a long day of exploring.

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