Experience the seasons! a complete monthly guide to the weather in Tokyo

Choosing the right time to go toJapan is important as the weather can dramatically change from one month to the next. There are four main seasons as well as a rainy season and a typhoon season.

Check below to see what season suits your holiday to Tokyo best!


This is by far the coldest month in the year across Japan. Visiting Tokyo in January isn’t so bad as, although the days are shorter it is one the sunniest days of the year too, as there is very little rain or snow in the capital city.


Visiting Tokyo in February is very chilly as it’s the second coldest month of the year. And whilst you’ll start see many winter festivals popping up in February, in Tokyo you’ll start to see the first signs of spring making an appearance in the form of plum blossoms.


A lot of visitors like to visit Tokyo in March as spring is really starting to show itself. The weather is getting warmer and warmer as the days pass and at the end of the month, the first cherry blossoms start to appear.


It’s peak cherry blossom season! Visiting Tokyo in April is perfect because the weather is more than pleasant and the cherry blossoms have fully bloomed.


Visiting Tokyo in Mayis perfect as the days get longer and are warm and sunny. The city will be packed with events and festivals to celebrate the warmer climate. The month also stars with Golden Week Holiday – which is one of the most expensive times to visit Tokyo.


It’s officially Tokyo’s rainy season – with twice the annual rainfall as London. Visiting Tokyo in June, expect to get wet! Despite the downpour, Tokyo is still very lively. So, grab your umbrella and join in!


If you’re travelling to Tokyo in July in the beginning of the month, you may still get the tail end of the rainy season. However, from the 20th onwards expect hot and humid weather. The beaches will open and the summer season will be upon us.


Hot, hot hot! Tokyo in August is really hot and really humid. And whilst typhoon season hits its peak, Tokyo does not bear the brunt of it. The intense heat puts the city into overdrive with packed fireworks displays, festivals and big events.


Visiting Tokyo in September has some pleasant weather. However, because of the typhoons, it is the rainiest and darkest month of the capital city.


The start of autumn makes an appearance. Visiting Tokyo in October you’ll find a mix of warm and rainy weather. Toward the end of the month it will get drier and cooler. By Halloween you’ll find autumn in full swing.


A trip to Tokyo in November is great if you love crisp, cold and dry. You’ll see many visitors wandering the parks and garden exploring the colours of the turn of the season.


As you would expect a visit to Tokyo in December is cold. However, it’s nice and dry as well as crisp – however the Christmas cheer and illuminations should warm you up. You could also take a trip out of the city to one of the nearby ski resorts. Whenever you decide to visit this wonderful city, Signature hotels are there for you! Whether you’re escaping the heat or warming up from the cold, our hotels have everything you need all seasons.

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